New issue

New issue of key journal 'Sinergias'.

The 11th issue of the peer-reviewed Portuguese journal Sinergias - Diálogos Educativos para a Transformação Social, focusing on the policy environment, has just been published.

This special issue is the result of a joint call with three european journals focused on development education and global learning:

  • International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning (United Kingdom)
  • Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review (Ireland)
  • ZEP: Journal of International Research and Development Education (Germany)

The focus of this issue is "The Policy Environment for Development Education”. It features discussion on how national and international policies for DE are being implemented and articulated, namely focusing on its potential, obstacles and challenges.

Aside for articles on this focus, there are also other diverse and interesting pieces of writing included on topics of interest to those working in development education, including articles from Colombia, Mozambique and Australia. 

The journal is available, free of charge, on the DE Synergies project’s website.

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