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The International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning.
22 January 2018

International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning: Vol 9 (2) published

In three new articles, the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning explores competences and curricula in a number of European contexts, in formal and non-...
20 December 2017

ZEP – Journal for International Educational Research and Development Education

(ZEP – Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik) The ZEP is a quarterly peer reviewed journal on international educational research, global learning and...
Global Action Plan
13 December 2017

Global Action Plan publish 'Action on Global Citizenship' Teacher Toolkit

Environmental organisation Global Action Plan (GAP) have recently boosted their work on global education and learning, releasing these useful toolkits aimed at CSPE/Dev Ed teachers delivering...
Development Education Review
13 December 2017

Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review

This biannual, peer reviewed, open access, online journal published by the Centre for Global Education, aims to celebrate and promote good practice in development education and to debate the shifting policy context in...
GENE logo
12 December 2017

Global Education in Cyprus

As part of their continuing European Global Education Peer Review Process, ANGEL partner Global Education Network Europe (GENE) has recently published a new National Report on GE in Cyprus, which was launched in October at a roundtable event in...
05 December 2017

New DERC Discussion Paper: "Student Volunteering and Global Citizenship at UCL".

This paper is based on a small collaborative study by the Development Education Research Centre and the Volunteering Services Unit (VSU) at University College London (UCL) in 2016.   The...
05 December 2017

UNESCO GEM Report 2017: DERC produced background paper published.

The Development Education Research Centre (DERC) has published a paper, titled "A review of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education in Teacher Education", that was commissioned...
World map inverted
05 December 2017

The International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning.

The International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning is an internationally refereed journal that publishes the outcomes of research and current debates on development education and...
geography class
19 September 2017

New addition to Development Education Research Centre research report series

Following on from a continuing series of research reports published by ANGEL partners DERC, an evaluation report has recently been published of the Schools for Future Youth project, an EU Erasmus...

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