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ANGEL Special Interest Group on Teacher Education call for contributions.


Submit your ideas for videos, blogs, and plans for networking sessions to help the SIG's aims: to build capacity, share research and best/successful practices regarding teacher education for global education. 


We are calling for SIG members to submit ideas for videos that aim at building people’s capacity, and sharing research and best/successful practices regarding global education. 


  • To help diverse groups of people (teachers, teacher educators, student teachers, students) to understand global education and related concepts. 
  • To disseminate research on global education and related concepts
  • To share successful educational practices with reference to global education, citizenship education and sustainability education 


Please keep in mind that these videos are aimed at teachers, teacher educators, student teachers, students.

Some Topics

  1. What is global education?
  2. History of global education
  3. Key debates on global education
  4. Pedagogies for global education 
  5. Pedagogies for global education in teacher education
  6. Assessment in global education
  7. Education for sustainable development
  8. Teacher education for sustainable development
  9. Research on different aspects of global education and sustainability education in teacher education
  10. Successful practices of global education

Some Considerations for Videos

  • Each video should be of 12-15 minutes and of less than 2GB size
  • The videos should include references to literature to support the claims made in the videos.
  • In the video, talk to your audience instead of reading to them.
  • Include body gestures like slight movement of the hands or arms, smile or eye contact. 

MIT produced a primer for optimising videos for learning. You might be interested to read it to seek ideas. 

Who will make videos?

Ideally SIG members should produce the videos. ANGEL projct officer Kester Muller has video editing training so can also provide support, at the very least with adding branding etc., and uploading the videos to YouTube.


Any video applications on desktop or online platforms such as Zoom can be used for video making. 


  • Expressions of interest (detailing the title of the video, authors, and what the video is about) should be made through this form
  • It is expected to produce at least 10 videos from September 2022 – September 2024.
  • Videos will be uploaded on Angel’s YouTube page.

Sharing practice blog

The ANGEL Teacher Education SIG Blog aims to showcase practice and professional perspectives in the field of global education, with a specific focus on teacher education in diverse locations and contexts.


  • To facilitate the dissemination of teacher education practice and theoretically grounded educational perspectives in the field of global education. 
  • To support teacher educators and educational researchers to promote and share cutting edge research and innovative practice.
  • To promote dialogue on teacher education research and practice, in the field of global education.


Blogposts are aimed at practitioners (e.g. teachers, teacher educators, student teachers, students) and researchers working in the field of Global Education.

Potential Topics 

  • Creativity and innovation in Global Education
  • Digital technology and Global Education


  • Monthly blogpost
  • 700-1000 words
  • You can write in any language you wish, as long as you provide a translation in English

What to include?

  • Descriptive and reflective elements
  • Images of practice
  • Links to resources
  • Optional reference list (footnotes or something minimal)


Expressions of interest (detailing the title of the blogpost, authors, and a 100-word summary) should be made via this form


ANGEL MeeTEing Point

The ANGEL MeeTEing point is an opportunity for the SIG members to share their work and expertise with each other in an informal way, following a logic of peer education and valorisation of knowledge.


  • To share knowledge with the SIG members about global education and teacher preparation in an informal way.
  • To discuss a theme, recent academic or non-academic publication (teaching resources, films/documentaries, books…).
  • To enhance networking between the SIG members.


The ANGEL MeeTEing point is aimed at the ANGEL SIG members.

Possible Topics

Any topics related with global education and teacher preparation (e.g., social justice in teacher education)

Some Consideration

  • Sessions are organised as informal get-togethers.
  • They will take place online every two months (the first session will take place in late September 2022).
  • Each session should last up to 60 minutes (including discussion, which should be at least 15 minutes long).
  • The proponents and developers of the session are the SIG members themselves.
  • Presentations can be individual or (desirably) include a group of people. 
  • Expressions of interest (detailing the title of the sessions, speakers’ names, a 100-word summary and the proposed date) should be made via this form
  • Expressions of interest for the September session should be sent until 15th September 2022. 
  • If permission is granted, sessions will be recorded and made available in ANGEL’s YouTube Channel. 

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