Monday, 19 April, 2021 - 12:00

Discussion event marks release of interesting new collection.

This online discussion event, hosted by ANGEL partner organisation the Development Education Research Centre, marks the launch of the new book 'Conversations on Global Citizenship Education: Perspectives on Research, Teaching, and Learning in Higher Education', edited by ANGEL member Emiliano Bosio. The launch brings together 4 contributors to this wide ranging new book examining perspectives on GCE in higher education.

Emiliano, along with three of the book's contributors (Yusef Waghid, Maria Guajardo, and Hans Schattle) will explore the book’s key themes and findings and address the questions:

  • What is Global Citizenship Education?
  • Why are we in research, teaching and learning if not to be able to help enrich the lives of all students, both in the Global North and Global South?

The event will be chaired by DERC's Director, Doug Bourn.

The book

The new 13 chapter volume, published by Routledge, brings together the narratives of a diverse array of educators who share their unique experiences of navigating GCE in the modern university. Conversations focus on why and how educators’ theoretical and empirical perspectives on GCE are essential for achieving an all-embracing GCE curriculum which underpins global peace. Drawing on the Freirean concept of "conscientization", GCE is presented as an educational imperative to combat growing inequality, seeping nationalism, and post-truth politics. Attendees will be issued with a 20% discount for the book via the chat function during the event.


  • Dr./Ass.Prof. Emiliano Bosio, Toyo University: Dr. Bosio is the Editor of the book 'Conversations on Global Citizenship Education' and currently Guest Editor of UNESCO Prospects. He researches and publishes in the areas of Global Learning, Global Citizenship, Curriculum Studies, Peace Studies, Second Language Acquisition and Transformative Pedagogy.
  • Dr./Dist. Prof. Yusef Waghid, Stellenbosch University: Aside from his work within the Department of Education Policy Studies at Stellenbosch, Prof. Waghid is also a fellow of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), executive member of the International Network of Philosophers of Education, Editor-in-Chief of the South African Journal of Higher Education; and Principal Editor of Citizenship, Teaching and Learning.
  • Dr./Prof. Maria Guajardo, Soka University: Prof. Guajardo is Professor of Leadership Studies and previously served as Dean and Vice-President. Her research connects leadership and global higher education, with a commitment to social change. Maria, a clinical psychologist, graduated from Harvard University and the University of Denver.
  • Dr./Prof. Hans Schattle, Yonsei University: Prof Schattle is professor of political science at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. He is the author of Globalisation and Citizenship (2012, Rowman & Littlefield) and The Practices of Global Citizenship (2008, Rowman & Littlefield).


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