Report launch

Thursday, 24 September, 2020 - 09:00

Virtual launch of new report on the current state of the Nepalese education sector.

The British Council and UCL Institute of Education are jointly publishing a report, featuring writing by ANGEL members, which focusses on successful learning in Nepal, with insights for education leaders, teachers, policymakers and academics across international contexts.

Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the Nepalese education context, the aims of its government, and the opportunities and challenges presented by initiatives on:

  • school turnaround and improvement;
  • student employability
  • defining and implementing ‘core skills’ and ‘global learning’

On-the-ground case studies and academic literature will both be touched on, and several ANGEL members will be speaking about their contributions to the publication.

Q&A sessions with the audience will follow the talks.


  • Douglas Bourn, Professor of Development Education and co-director of the Development Education Research Centre at the UCL Institute of Education, will introduce the main chapter in the research publication, 'International perspective on Global Learning'. 
  • Aamna Pasha, co-author on the 'International perspective on Global Learning' chapter, is a doctoral candidate at the UCL Institute of Education. Her research looks at global education in the context of Pakistan and the construction of global education themes in the social studies textbooks in the country. She will talk us through what we mean by 'global learning' and the challenges and opportunities it presents for teachers and pupils.
  • Donnie Adams has, with co-authors, written a chapter on Leading school turnaround and improvement. Adams is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya with a PhD in Educational Leadership. He will discuss the challenges faced by school leaders in improving low-performing schools and the conditions for lasting change.
  • Khum Raj Pathak will discuss his chapter on 'Core skills for employability in Nepal'. Pathak is an education researcher and maths teacher. He will present his findings on what the Nepalese education system needs to do to encourage independent and confident citizens ready for the workplace.
  • Alina Laurent-Olive will discuss her co-authored chapter with Douglas Bourn on 'Core skills in the Nepalese secondary school curriculum'. Laurent-Olive is a postgraduate student in Development Education and Global Learning at University College London and for her MA has focused on the context of Nepal. She will outline what is needed in order for 'core skills' to become successfully embedded in the secondary school curriculum.


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