Call for papers

Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 - 15:08

Submit your papers for the 12th Annual TEESNet Conference.

UK-based ANGEL members might want to submit for this long running conference, to be held on Thursday 17th September 2020 at Liverpool Hope University. 

The theme this year is "Education as a Pedagogy of Hope and Possibility: The Role of Teacher Education in Leading Narratives of Change."


“In abandoning hope that one way of life will continue, we open up a space for alternative hopes”

Calls for educational responses to complex and interrelated global challenges suggest different approaches or narratives. For some, there is an urgent need to recognise these challenges in terms ofcrisis and catastrophe, and to prepare for significant uncertainty, change and ‘deep adaptation’. For others, the emphasis is on cultivating a sense of hope and empowerment, especially amongst young people. Between these two is growing recognition of the need to shift from individual to collective responses, engage critically with our responsibilities towards each other and the planet, and foster creativity in imagining and adapting to new possibilities for human existence.
The 12th annual TEESNet conference seeks to address the pivotal role of teacher education in responding to local and global implications of these narratives.

Guidelines for papers and other contributions
We are seeking research papers, examples of practice and contributions in the form of representations of ideas in progress which respond to one or more of the following themes:

  • Pedagogies - What is understood by pedagogies of hope and their potential in promoting collaboration and participation, criticality, creativity and solidarity with others locally and globally?
  • Affective engagements - How can teacher educators and those they work with engage with the affective, emotional and spiritual implications of global challenges, including care, compassion, love, panic, urgency, despair, resilience, empowerment, well-being and hopefulness?
  • Intergenerality and Intersectionality - What kind of educational responses can promote coherentand inclusive narratives which recognise the intersectional and intergenerational lives of children, young people, adults and their communities?
  • Global Change - How can global policy, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, translate into local and global action which locates young people, teachers and educators within rather than outside of global issues and offers opportunities to engage critically with ideas of growth, progress, development and sustainability?

TEESNet activity deliberately cuts across sectors. We welcome proposals from educators, leaders and students in universities, schools, and NGOs/CSOs, as well as researchers, policy makers, and those engaged in other educational settings. We are interested in individual and co-authored papers and collaborations across sectors. This year we would also like to invite contributions from arts practitioners to share practice, inspirations and provocations. 

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