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Friday, 17 January, 2020 - 16:00

Submit now for the book series Advances in Global Citizenship Education Policy and Practice.

ANGEL members are invited to consider publishing their work in the new academic book series Advances in Global Citizenship Education Policy and Practice. The series aims to explore Global Citizenship Education through a broad multidisciplinary focus and to promote a wide international authorship which will increase the degree to which diverse voices and perspectives are heard.

This series addresses and explores issues of research, policy and practice in GCE and welcomes high quality book proposals, within three broad strands:

  1. Theoretical / conceptual research. This includes comprehensive theoretical monographs which provide conceptual analyses around GCE and related areas. These might also be intended for use as textbooks in post-graduate courses and doctoral programmes.
  2. Wide-ranging empirical research. This includes new or previously unpublished research from the field. This work might be rooted in education research or take a broader interdisciplinary/ trans-disciplinary approach. Large scale research conducted as part of a doctoral thesis is also welcome under this heading. 
  3. Comparative and cross-cultural research. This includes high quality, rigorous work from a range of diverse perspectives. Work which brings in voices from the Global South is particularly welcome.

An invitation letter with further information, including who to contact can be viewed by clicking the button below.


The book series aims to foster interconnections and to create a multidisciplinary community around global citizenship education (GCE) issues, including debates around global education and learning, development education and education for sustainable development. Published by Bloomsbury in close cooperation with ANGEL partner organisation the Development Education Research Centre (DERC) at the UCL Institute of Education, it addresses and explores the concept of GCE within a broad multidisciplinary focus and invites a wide international authorship through which diverse voices and perspectives can be heard.

More information about the book, including about the advisory board, can be viewed here.

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