Monday, 13 June, 2022 - 15:00

ANGEL / TEESNet Partnership: Global Citizenship Education Research Panel.

Join an open gathering of Global Education and Learning research professionals to hear about new research in the field, and to network.


About this event

This face to face gathering is the open, public session of a day-long meeting of a relatively new grouping of UK researchers interested in research on Global Education & Learning: the ANGEL / TEESNET Partnership Network. If you are a member of this network, and want to attend the associated network meeting starting at 10:30 at the same venue, please be in touch with Kester Muller.

Come along to learn more about this group, as well as to hear a diverse panel of presenters talk about their research on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and related topics.

This meeting has been proposed, and is led by: Andrea Bullivant (Liverpool Hope) on behalf of TEESNetDoug Bourn (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education & Society) on behalf of ANGEL, and Karen Pashby (Manchester Metropolitan).

It is hosted and financially supported by the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Please register for a place as the meeting venue has limited capacity.



1) Introductions

Karen Pashby and Doug Bourn will open the meeting, providing an overview of the genesis of the ANGEL / TEESNET Partnership Network, and potential future directions.

2) GCE research snapshots

A selection of 7 network members from around the UK will deliver bitesize presentations that will identify either a past, present, or future insight for research into GCE.

3) Research paper presentations

Two more in depth presentations from emerging researchers.

  • Paper 1: Riikka Suhonen -Who gets to be a global citizens? Researching vocational education training in Finland
    This presentation will highlight the perceptions of teachers on addressing global issues in upper secondary vocational education and training (VET) in Finland. The data consist of teachers’ responses (N = 187) to an online survey in the spring of 2022. The results are reflected against earlier research on different approaches to global citizenship education and on the multiple purposes of VET as framed by international organizations.
    Riikka Suhonen is a PhD Candidate in the Doctoral Programme in School, Education, Society and Culture at University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on global citizenship in the context of upper secondary vocational education and training.
  • Paper 2: Marta da Costa- Bridging GCE and environmental and sustainability education through critiques of western modernity
    This presentation will report on a recent research review that explored critiques of Western modernity in empirical studies, exploring ESE and GCE in secondary school settings (da Costa, 2021). Having identified 21 journal articles and mapped them onto Andreotti and colleagues’ (2015) social cartography of General Responses to Modernity’s Violence, the report takes stock of critiques and responses to Western modernity in ESE and GCE, and discusses the possibilities and limitations afforded by their place of enunciation.
    Marta da Costa is a Lecturer in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she is also completing her PhD. Her research focuses on anti-colonial and anti-racist approaches to Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development, within formal education settings.

4) Discussion and Networking


Host organisation

This meeting would not have been possible without the contribution and coordination of the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University - an inclusive and radical research space producing world-leading research in both local and global contexts.


Main partner organisations

The Academic Network on Global Education & Learning (ANGEL) network is the most comprehensive network of Global Learning professionals, with members in more than 70 countries. ANGEL facilitates the sharing of research and news, organises networking and conferences, and aims to form a pool of experts which can become a resource for policymakers in search of strong research grounding for policy development.

TEESNet (Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network) aims to develop a UK wide community of practice in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship within teacher education in higher education and schools, that shares research and practice to develop new understanding across the sector in the UK and beyond.

ANGEL Network,
Development Education Research Centre (DERC)
UCL Institute of Education
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London WC1H 0AL

Partner organisations

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