Wednesday, 1 June, 2022 - 14:00

Regional perspectives: Global education and learning in Latin America. 


Modelled on the popular 'Regional Perspectives' sessions from the ANGEL Conference 2021, and responding to explicit member requests for a focus on this particular region, this session will feature a number of short presentations from academics across Latin America, and aims to highlight and analyse regional differences in the development and implementation of policies and practices that aim to promote global learning.

This session is developed and hosted by La Salete Coelho (University of Porto & Polytechnic of Viana do Castelo) and Adelina Calvo Salvador (Universidad de Cantabria). It has been supported by the Universidad de Cantabria, España*.

Please note that simultaneous interpretation will be available throughout so all content will be accessible to both English and Spanish speakers.



Cruz Prado Rojas studied different degrees, finishing with a doctorate in Education, from the perspective of the emerging paradigm which attempts to understand modern thinking in order to change the way we approach it. She is the author of 16 books and numerous articles, and has worked as an international consultant and director of different doctorates. She is currently the director of the Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Mediation and the Doctorate in Education at the International University Antonio de Valdivieso, Nicaragua as well as a guest lecturer at the Catholic University of Manizales, Colombia.

Israel Arturo Orrego-Echeverría is a Colombian philosopher, theologian and educator - a specialist in education, culture and politics, Master in Latin American Philosophy and a Doctor of Philosophy. He has worked for several years as a teacher, director and coordinator in basic primary and secondary education institutions as well as in popular education spaces with vulnerable communities in the city of Bogota, Colombia. He is currently a lecturer-researcher in the Faculty of Philosophy in the Free University and the National Open and Distance Learning University. His academic contributions have revolved around philosophy and the epistemology of education, the creation of the Education for Development approach within a Latin American perspective (EpDL), eco-environmental education and critical intercultural pedagogies. He is the author of several books and academic articles focusing on social education, the Education for Development approach, the epistemology of education, political ontology and Latin American philosophy.

Silvia Elisabeth Miranda de Moraes graduated in Anglo-Germanic Letters at the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil (UFC), has a Master's Degree in Speech Communication, University of Illinois, USA, a PhD in Education (Curriculum), University of Campinas, SP. She carried out a post-doctoral research at the Faculty of Education, University of São Paulo. She is currently a Professor at the Graduate School of Education at UFC, working in the Education, Curriculum and Teaching research line. In 2013-2014, she held a Senior Internship, with funding from the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) at the UCL Institute of Education's Development Education Research Center, where she developed the study Global Citizenship as an inter/transdisciplinary theme in the university curriculum. Her current research project is entitled Planetary Citizenship and Ecology of Knowledge: interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and internationalization in the curriculum of Brazilian Higher Education.



This event is to be hosted via Zoom. You can register here, or via the button below. Registered participants will be emailed a link in the days before the event, and also 30 minutes before as a reminder. Time after the presentations will be given over to a Q&A with participants. Please note that simultaneous interpretation will be available throughout so all content will be accessible to both English and Spanish speakers using the Zoom functionality.


The ANGEL Seminar Series

This event is part of a series of online events run by the Academic Network for Global Education & Learning. The series is aimed at Global Education professionals, as well as anyone with an interest in research in the fields of Development Education, Global Citizenship Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainable Development, Education for Peace, and Intercultural Education.


* Support provided in the framework of the project R+D+i entitled Researching new socio-educational scenarios for the construction of global citizenship in the 21st century (Reference PID2020-114478RB-C21), financed by the State Research Agency in its call for research proposals focused on societal challenges. The team at Universidad de Cantabria (UC) provided the names of the two Latin American speakers and contacted them to discuss the topic of the seminar. Meetings were held to prepare the seminar. UC also financed the translation of speaker CVs (Spanish/English) and co-financed the professional interpretation.

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