ANGEL Conference 2023: Additional materials

#ANGELConference2023: Additional materials & links

This page brings together useful resources and links for the attendees of the ANGEL Conference 2023. It is intended for attendees of the event to use while they are there to access the files they need. This will help the conference reduce its environmental impact as it should significantly reduce printing requirements.

You can visit the main event webpage here.


You can acces the Full Programme (including housekeeping information, all major hyperlinks and map) via the button below

Abstract book

See all Paper Presentation Abstracts, as well as full summaries of the Symposium / Workshop Sessions, in this comprehensive booklet.


Calendrier Français / French programme





Speaker & presenter biographies, plus participant list

You can view the biographies of all Plenary Session speakers on a dedicated page.

Click the below button to download a supplementary document that contains both a participant list and a list of biographies of Presenters and Session Chairs.


Padlet / Noticeboard

You can post your news, projects, observations, and reflections on the event Padlet noticeboard.


Plenary sessions: Ask a question

If you have questions for the speakers during any Plenary Session (where the whole conference comes together in one room), please use ‘Slido’ interactive tool to post questions. These will then be visible to everyone who is viewing the app. You can access the platform at by entering code #ANGEL, or simply click below. The app will be reset at the end of each keynote speech, but the questions will be saved.


Feedback form

We need your honest feedback! The ANGEL project exists only to serve the Global Education & Learning community. Please help us shape the project to the community’s needs by feeding back honestly and constructively on this event. You may also be helping us to secure future funding, allowing us to continue or even expand our offering. 


Staff only: Padlet 

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