Monday, 7 November, 2022 - 10:09

New Declaration on Global Education to 2050 adopted.

On 3-4 November, ministers of Education, Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation met together with over 300 other participants, including representatives of youth organisations, civil society, local and regional governments, academia, international organisations and friends and colleagues from around the globe, for the European Congress on Global Education to 2050.

The Congress, which was held in Dublin Castle, Ireland, was hosted by the Government of Ireland, co-chaired by the Government of Luxembourg and convened by ANGEL partner organisation Global Education Network Europe (GENE).

The first day included inspiring panels and focused parallel sessions, while the second day saw a dialogue between key stakeholders and a high-level ministerial segment to adopt the new Declaration. 



GENE, in their press release, state:

The scale and complexity of the problems we face as a species have come to threaten our very existence; problems like climate change, inequality, injustice, poverty and war. The need for global solidarity and social justice in tackling these major global challenges that face all of us, has never been more pressing. Now more than ever, we need more and better Global Education to inform, reflect, empower and inspire action.

Key elements in the new declaration will be further debated in order to forge ways to translate words into action and to ensure that the strong political support for the declaration is harnessed to its maximum potential.

The adoption of the Declaration on Global Education to 2050 by European countries is an important step toward creating a future where all people in Europe – in solidarity with peoples globally – have access to quality Global Education, necessary to engage with the most important challenges facing humanity.

ANGEL's response

ANGEL Chair and Professor of Development Education Doug Bourn commented:

With the continuing threat of Climate Change, the war in Europe, and increasing divisions between rich and poor, there is an urgent need for interested bodies to come together to call for policymakers to give greater consideration and support to Global Education and Learning, and make it an essential component of all learning

The Academic Network on Global Education and Learning calls on its members to take the time to engage with the new Declaration, and to capitalise on the increased visibility that the Congress has granted to those working in Global Education and Learning at all levels.

Massimiliano Tarozzi, ANGEL's coordinator, says:

This is a major milestone for the entire community of practitioners and researchers in global education and learning. ANGEL is proud to have contributed to bring a research perspective to the Declaration process, especially by providing the developments in Global Education and Learning over the last 20 years

More information

For the agenda of the event and other information, please see the GENE website

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