Tuesday, 12 July, 2022 - 14:28

ANGEL Chair's message to members on a new European Declaration on Global Education. 


Doug Bourn, the Chair of the ANGEL Advisory Board, has issued a statement for the attention of members regarding Global Education Network Europe's development of a new European Declaration on Global Education to 2050


Since the ANGEL network was launched in 2017 there has been a major expansion of interest by policy-makers, practitioners and researchers in the field of global education and learning and the related areas of global citizenship, development education and education for sustainable development. There is increased engagement from bodies such as UNESCO and, as shown by the growth in the ANGEL network, there is a real appetite for promoting research and learning about global and sustainability issues.

With the continuing threat of climate change, the ongoing war in Europe, and increasing divisions in the world between the rich and the poor, there is an urgent need for interested bodies to come together to call for policy-makers at national and international levels to give greater consideration and support to global education and learning, and to make it an essential component of all learning.

To this end, ANGEL are supporting the planned launch of a new declaration on Global Education and Learning, to be launched by Global Education Network Europe in November of this year.

Please see this summary for further details about this Declaration. We encourage members to discuss and debate the proposals.

With this in mind, in the lead up to the launch of the declaration, ANGEL plans to organise a webinar (date TBC) focused on the Declaration and calls on all members to attend, as well as to encourage their policy-makers to endorse the initiative.

Although this Declaration is aimed at European policy-makers, we do hope it will lead to discussions around the world and encourage similar initiatives in other regions.

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