Friday, 30 October, 2020 - 15:23

New blog on climate change education.

Some stimulating writing by ANGEL members Douglas Bourn (Professor of Development Education and Director of the Development Education Research Centre) and Knut Hjelleset (Senior advisor at the RORG-network, the Norwegian national platform for Development Education).

The blog, titled "Levelling up: Climate Change Education and Student Empowerment", reasons that climate change education, through a focus on student empowerment, "can move learning beyond science and technical based behavioural change to one that puts individual action and social engagement as the goal".

"Climate change moved to the top of the political agenda in 2019, particularly as a result of the Student Climate Strikes. The economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic has further posed a new vision of a sustainability based economy. Seeing the corona crisis and climate change in conjunction presents a powerful new narrative — creating new green technology and industry for the future could both pull us out of the current economic slump and also contribute to saving humanity from catastrophic climate change. This leads to the challenge of how climate change education can be an asset in preparing students for the job markets and career options of the future, and how climate change education can be a valuable tool in broadening the horizons of students across the UK."

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