New book on GCED in Asia edited by member.

A new book, entitled Research on Global Citizenship Education in Asia: Conceptions, Perceptions, and Practice, available from Information Age Publishing, has been edited by ANGEL member Dr. Theresa Alviar-Martin (Kennesaw State University) and Dr. Mark Baildon (National Institute of Education, Singapore). 


This edited book provides new research highlighting philosophical traditions, emerging perceptions, and the situated practice of global citizenship education (GCE) in Asian societies. UNESCO (2014) defines GCE as “a framing paradigm which encapsulates how education can develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes learners need for securing a world which is more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure and sustainable” (p. 9). While much scholarship has focused on constructions and enactment of GCE from Western perspectives, this volume re-centers investigations of GCE amid Asian contexts, identities, and practices. 
The book brings together authors from several Asian jurisdictions, including China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Sections of the volume focus on 1) conceptions and frameworks of GCE in Asian societies; 2) analyses of contexts, policies, and curricula that influence GCE reform efforts in Asia; and 3) studies of students’ and teachers’ experiences of GCE in schools in different Asian contexts. Drawing on comparative and critical perspectives, Research on Global Citizenship Education in Asia looks across settings to build a platform for generative forms of GCE teaching and research in the region.  
As scholars, educators, and policymakers grapple with preparing young citizens to face challenges confronting our world, this book expands visions of how GCE might be conceptualized, contextualized, and taught; and how innovative curriculum initiatives and pedagogies can be developed and enacted.

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