Global Education Digest

New edition of this key summary of global education publications.

The Global Education Digest is a bibliography of recently published academic and research material relevant to the field of global education. This publication is compiled by Development Education Research Centre (DERC) on behalf of Global Education Network Europe (GENE) in the framework of ANGEL activities. This latest edition looks at material published in 2018, and follows on from the 2015-17 edition published last year. It also includes all relevant publications from 2017 that were not yet available when the previous edition was officially launched (February 2018).

This 2018 edition reflects the structure of the 2015-17 Digest and is divided into eight thematic sections:

  • Policy related research
  • Theoretical & conceptual publications
  • Formal Education
  • Non-formal education
  • Informal education including youth work, media & community work
  • Teacher education & training of trainers
  • Higher education research
  • International Volunteering, study visits & educational partnerships

Within each we have included only Academic Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Doctoral Theses and Policy Reports published in the defined timeframe, whose titles and abstracts mentioned the terms related to global education and to its underpinning vision and approach.

Scope and limitations

This edition covers material published from January to December 2018 (with a few exceptions from 2017) and only in the English language. The material was identified via a structured method. You can read more about the search methodology, reflections on the scope and limitations, and discussion of the proposed future direction for the project, in the Introduction section of the Digest.

Navigation and hyperlinks

Please note that, in the interests of sustainability, we intend that this publication is mostly used in an online format. You will find that this makes it much more useful as then you can link straight from the document to the resources. Please note that internal naviagtion within the document, e.g. to and from the Contents page, is also hyperlinked.

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