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New issue of International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning: Vol. 11, No. 1.


"Education and the Sustainable Development Goals".

The new issue of the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning focuses on the role of education in promoting the SDG agenda, whether through educational initiatives, or through the presentation of relevant concepts and approaches in policy and curriculum documents.

This bi-annual, open-access, peer-reviewed journal is managed by ANGEL project partners the Development Education Research Centre (DERC), and publishes the outcomes of research and current debates on development education and related concepts such as global learning, global education, and global citizenship.  


  • Clare BENTALL - Editorial
  • Laura SCHEINERT, Kerstin GUFFLER, Jan Tobias POLAK & Martin BRUDER - International development volunteering: An instrument for promoting education in line with the Sustainable Development Goals? 
  • Ruth AMOS & Ralph LEVINSON - Socio-scientific inquiry-based learning: An approach for engaging with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through school science 
  • Heather KERTYZIA & Katerina STANDISH - Looking for peace in the national curriculum of Mexico 
  • Victoria VACCARI & Meg P. GARDINIER - Toward one world or many? A comparative analysis of OECD and UNESCO global education policy documents 
  • Jenny HATLEY - Universal values as a barrier to the effectiveness of global citizenship education: A multimodal critical discourse analysis 
  • Ruth REYNOLDS, Suzanne MacQUEEN & Kate FERGUSON-PATRICK - Educating for global citizenship: Australia as a case study 
  • Nomisha C. KURIAN - Empathy: simple and inevitable? Development education and narratives of African poverty

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