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Summer issue of International Journal of Development Education & Global Learning available now open access. 

A new issue of one of the key journals for the global education research community is now available via Science Open. The issue, "Challenges and tensions in global learning and global citizenship education", offers a range of perspectives on the challenges and tensions in global learning and global citizenship education facing educators in different contexts. The authors examine the dilemmas educators are confronted with, and explore possible responses and modalities for responding to those challenges in a range of geographical areas. 

The International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, founded by ANGEL project partners the Development Education Research Centre, is an open-access internationally refereed journal that publishes the outcomes of research and current debates on development education and related concepts such as global learning, global education, and global citizenship. 


  • Clare BENTALL (Editorial): "Challenges and tensions in global learning and global citizenship education"
  • Sheila BAKER and Debby SHULSKY: "Planting the seeds of perspective consciousness: Creating resource sets to inspire compassionate global citizens"
  • Sara FRANCH: "Global citizenship education discourses in a province in northern Italy"
  • Jørgen KLEIN: "The receiving end: Namibian educators’ perceptions of international student exchange from the Global North"
  • Gregor LANG-WOJTASIK, Ronja M. ERICHSEN-MORGENSTERN and Jörg STRATMANN: "Online course: ‘Global Medial’ – Global learning through media competence and vice versa"
  • Jane LEITHEAD and Steve HUMBLE: "How children living in poor informal settlements in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana, perceive global citizenship"
  • Shea N. KERKHOFF (Book Review): "Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the intersections of gender, culture, context, and sustainability, edited by Randal Joy Thompson and Julia Storberg-Walker"


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