Mr. Charles McGregor

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Name: Mr. Charles McGregor
Country: United Kingdom
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Member type: Associate member
Organisation: n/a
Topics of most interest: Citizenship education , Gender education
Preference for research approach: Theoretical / conceptual research, Empirical research
Preference for research focusing on: Curriculum, Pedagogy, Policy
Recent publications:

Mr McGregor went to Nigeria in 1990 as team leader of a World Bank study on research information needs in Nigeria, and in following years led a World Bank study on the Kenyan book sector, was a member of World Bank preparatory missions for education loans to Jamaica, Columbia and Venezuela, and directed a week-long seminar and workshop to prepare the Malaysian government publisher Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka for privatisation. He also directed a publishing workshop for the European Commission and a one-year postgraduate course in publishing for the University of the Arts London.

He has written a monograph on how to measure efficacy in textbook provision and directed a conference in London on family literacy as chair of the British Association for Literacy in Development. He gave the keynote lecture at the Moscow Non-fiction Book Fair in 2007. He has presented papers on citizenship education at international conferences in Beijing and Cordoba (Spain) and on applying treaty obligations on the right to education in Oxford (UK). His most recent publication is on food and culture,

ANGEL Network,
Development Education Research Centre (DERC)
UCL Institute of Education
33 Bedford Place
London WC1B 5JU

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